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How To Wash Our Knit Blackbirds

Life’s messy. Spills happen. But don’t worry, we’ve thought about that. Your knit Blackbird flats are designed to go right into the washing machine. Read on for step-by-step care instructions, plus a few extra tips to keep your washable flats clean and looking brand new.

black washable knit flats in bubbles

  1. Remove insoles. Place both shoes and insoles into the washing machine.

  2. Wash in cold water on the delicates cycle using a gentle detergent. NEVER use bleach.

  3. When the wash cycle is finished, air dry both the shoe and insole. Do NOT put either component in the dryer. 

  4. Voila! Your shoes should be clean and looking brand new. Once fully dried, reinsert the insoles and get back to your day.

woman wearing cream washable flats

While the above instructions should be enough to keep your shoes clean, we have some additional expert advice to get the best results. Follow these extra steps and extend the life of your shoes even longer. 

  •  - Your washing machine is working hard enough to clean your shoes. Do it a favor and brush off any excess dirt with a dry towel before you start the cycle.

  • - Put your shoes and insoles into a mesh laundry bag (they’re typically used to protect delicates like underwear, bras, and hosiery) before throwing them into the washing machine. We like everything by The Laundress, but any small or medium mesh laundry bag will do the trick. 

  • - Think of our knit flats like your favorite jeans and only wash as needed (in the event of stains, spills, or lots of dirt). Washing too frequently may cause unnecessary wear on the fibers and could actually shorten the life of your shoes.

Bonus: Our antimicrobial insoles will help eliminate odors and wick away sweat, so you won’t need to wash as often. 

We hope we’ve made it super easy to keep your knit Blackbirds clean. If you have any additional care questions, please reach out and we’ll get right on it to find the best possible solution. Email us anytime at [email protected]

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