• Project No 4524
  • Project Name Towards a better undertanding of scenarios and robustness for the long-term planning of water and environmental systems
  • Lead Organisation SA Water
  • Research Lead University of Adelaide
  • Main Researcher Cameron McPhail
  • Completion Year 2020

Status: Complete

National Research Priority: Service Delivery

Project Description

This project established unifying framework for the calculation of robustness metrics, which assists with understanding how robustness metrics work, when they should be used, and why they sometimes disagree. The framework categorizes the suitability of metrics to a decision-maker based on the decision-context, the decision-makers’s preferred level of risk aversion, and the decision-maker’s preference towards maximising performance or minimising variance. This conceptual framework describes when different robustness metrics are likely to agree and disagree.

PhD Thesis completed by Cameron McPhail in August 2020.