National Research Priorities Agenda

A Priority Partnership

WaterRA and WSAA are proud partners in the creation of the National Research Priority agenda for the water industry.

The Agenda provides strong direction and focus to support and guide ongoing investment and prioritisation in Research and Development (R&D) across the Australian urban water industry to ensure access to, and utilisation of the latest scientific evidence.

It is designed to help the water industry prepare for and manage significant future challenges and provide a catalyst for taking full advantage of recent rapid advancements in technology and the industry’s growing appetite for innovation.

R&D is crucial to inform policy development that meets the needs of both industries and communities dependent on a safe and secure water supply into the future.

Ongoing investment and support to build a solid foundation of new knowledge through R&D which prioritises the needs of the industry will be key to responding to future challenges.

A collaborative effort between WaterRA and WSAA, we worked closely with industry to develop the new Research Priorities Agenda and build a shared understanding of future needs and opportunities for research. Working together will enable both organisations to better service members with innovative policy-ready research.

Our hope is that the Agenda will provide the basis for productive discussions, both within and outside the urban water industry, as we seek to collaborate on common interests and seek active and informed partnerships for high impact through efficient investment.

National Research Priorities Agenda

The Agenda consists of six high-level priorities to provide the basis for engagement, both within and outside the urban water industry:

  • Service delivery
  • Supply optimisation
  • Customers
  • Workforce
  • Liveability
  • Circular economy