Participate in Research

Collaboration is at the core of our research. We bring together experts from water utilities, universities, government and regulatory bodies, as well as laboratories and private sector companies to define challenges together and build research which enables evidence-based decisions and implementable solutions to shared and emerging challenges and opportunities.

Our Approach to Research Management

We take a wholistic approach to managing our members’ research projects.

We manage research projects based on best-practice. The Good Practice Research Lifecycle – created through our world-leading Value of Research project – sets the foundations for this approach guiding the steps necessary to achieving maximum value throughout every phase of a project including it’s creation, generation, completion, communication, and  implementation of a research project and its’ findings, focusing on engagement and assessment throughout.

We use the Good Practice Research Lifecycle and it’s principles to guide our project management activities in every project we undertake ensuring that maximum value is achieved by our members through every project phase.

Our Research Managers bring our members together to accurately define the challenges and opportunities, then manage the funding, proposals, milestones, and finalisation. Once the research is complete, we continue knowledge transfer and translation activities to maximise impact and value for funding partners and our membership as a whole.