Our Committees

There are a host of opportunities for members to become actively involved in helping to build a vibrant future for our organisation in a way which best suits their individual strengths and interests. Every opportunity is unique—some focusing on strategy and business governance while others influence our research direction and impact.

Board Sub-Committees

Risk and Audit Committee

The Risk and Audit Committee (RAAC) is responsible for assisting the Board in matters related to the ongoing financial condition, budgeting practices, risk management and statutory compliance of our organisation.

  • Deb Evans, (Chair), Water Corporation
  • Ken Murphy, Independent Director of WaterRA
  • Gary Penn, Independent Committee Member
  • Dr Dan Hoefel, AWQC

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee (HRC) is responsible for assisting the Board to manage personnel, including through overseeing recruitment, performance review, succession planning, and staff engagement as a whole.

  • Dr David Bergmann, (Chair), South East Water
  • Assoc Prof Helen Stratton, Griffith University
  • Rolfe Brimfield, Independent Committee Member

Advisory Committees

Strategic Advisory Committee

The Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) provides strategic advice to our Board and CEO regarding the overall research direction and development of WaterRA. The SAC representatives are nationally and internationally recognised experts, drawn from academia, water corporations, industry peak bodies, regulators and policy agencies (health, economic and environmental). The mix of members reflects the current strategic priorities of WaterRA.

  • Prof Stephen Gray, (Chair), Victoria University
  • A/Prof Helen Stratton, (Deputy Chair), Griffith University
  • Helen Forte, Water Corporation
  • Graham Hawke, Phoenix Australia
  • Dr Gary Lum, Commonwealth Department of Health
  • Prof Xiwang Zhang, University of Queensland
  • Karen Rouse (Secretary), WaterRA

Research Leadership Program Advisory Committee

The Research Leadership Project Advisory Committee (RLPAC) is an operational advisory group that provides advice and expertise on a range of Capability Development initiatives designed to build and enhance our members’ professional development at all stages of their career. Representatives are from member organisations who bring a high level of knowledge and skills to WaterRA and its members.

  • Dr Louise McKenzie (Chair), Hunter Water
  • Dr Michael Bartkow (Deputy Chair), Seqwater
  • Dr Bradley Clarke, University of Melbourne
  • Ms Casey Kickett, Water Corporation
  • Dr Melita Stevens, Melbourne Water
  • Dr Kathryn Linge, ChemCentre
  • Dr Meena Yadav, SA Water