Industry Sponsorship

Central to the RLP is the opportunity for organisations to sponsor a student research project. Sponsoring student research projects creates invaluable partnerships and relationships across research and industry. It allows organisations to connect and collaborate with the next generation of high-calibre research leaders who work to solve focused and organisation-specific challenges.

Where Industry Accesses Innovation

Student research projects undertaken by PhD, Masters and Honours researchers provide an alternative, cost-effective solution to challenges industry faces, helping to rapidly unlock organisational innovation, capability, capacity, and skills.

Sponsoring student research projects also enhances professional development providing crucial networking, mentorship, and professional support opportunities, all of which assist in creating adaptable, industry-ready graduates.

There are numerous full scholarship packages available for Industry organisations to sponsor. Our packages are fully flexible and can be customised to industry sponsor needs.











Become an Industry Sponsor Organisation

Join a growing community of businesses securing their future by investing in the future leaders of the sector.


Benefits to Industry Members

Low-cost and well supervised mechanism to have key challenges addressed through applied research specific to your organisation

Access to high-quality students that are fully supported by mentors, peers and supervisors through WaterRA

Research provided through Australia's leading universities

Researchers and Universities linked directly to your organisation

Extra staff for your organisation as students are not linked to organisational headcount

National and international exposure through student presentations and publications

Student projects DO NOT attract university overhead fees

Low-risk with cost effective, flexible funding options with your investment in securing the next generation of water professionals

Benefits to Research Members

Work with the largest utilities in Australia on industry-driven projects with a clear and direct path to research impact

Deep engagement within the water sector allowing you to further your networks and reputation within the industry

Access WaterRA's mentor and professional development program, designed specifically for water industry professionals

Have your expenses covered through an operating and travel allowance

Increase the exposure for your research outcomes through allocated conference and network support

Student projects are categorised as 'Category A' funding and do not incur overhead fees

Scholarship package provides leverage for supervisors to attract the best students

Frequently Asked Questions

Project duration depends on the degree undertaken and can be up to:

  • 1 year (Honours)
  • 2.5 years (Masters)
  • 4 years (PhD)

The primary aim of the program is for the student to gain relevant professional training and skills within a workplace setting, relating to their area of study. Students do not undertake day-to-day commercial activities, but focus on a short term, self-contained research project related to their field of study. There is no employment contract between the student and the industry partner and as such the student is not held to obligations whilst undertaking the internship. Students remain enrolled at the university whilst completing the internship and receive a scholarship, not a hourly rate. The project contract outlines that the industry partner is under no obligation to create an employment relationship with the student and that the primary purpose of the internship is for the intern’s educational purposes.

The student is covered for insurance by the University once enrolled at the university. Insurance coverage ceases when the student submits their Thesis.

We support the creation of confidentiality and non‑disclosure agreements between participating parties providing the reasonable rights of interns and their mentors are maintained. It is important that these agreements don’t impair the ability of academic mentors or interns to publish their results or for a student to complete his/her thesis. In some instances, these agreements can call for an embargo period before which publications should take place.

WaterRA makes no claim whatsoever to IP. Ownership of Project Intellectual Property created during the project is co-shared between the sponsor and the university, unless otherwise agreed.

Sponsorship of the scholarship package is cash funding only. Supervision can be included as in-kind contribution throughout the project.

Yes, we recognise that non-members such as councils have research related issues requiring investigation.

Yes, we have a number of members interested in the same research issue and can share the cost to have the student investigate a number of sites.

The eligibility of a foreign company to participate in the WaterRA program is considered on a case‑by‑case basis.

Yes, the industry partner and academic supervisor ultimately have the final say in which student is selected.

The industry partner identifies a research issue and submits a Project Initiation form. The university and student are listed if known.  If not, WaterRA will connect you to a research organisation and assist in acquiring a student.  An informal chat or formal interview depending on your requirements can be arranged to shortlist the candidates and select a student.

Yes, according to ATO requirements WaterRA has DGR1 status and students must be Australian citizens or Permanent Residents.

More Information

Carolyn Bellamy | Research Capability Manager |  [email protected]