Michael R. Moore Memorial Award

In memory of Professor Michael R Moore and his contribution to the Australian water industry throughout his career, this Memorial Award is awarded annually to a WaterRA student who has demonstrated leadership and enthusiasm for the water industry.

The Michael R Moore Memorial Award is awarded annually as an additional scholarship to a WaterRA student who has demonstrated leadership and enthusiasm for the water industry.

Award value

Additional $5,000 stipend



  • This is an additional award to a WaterRA scholarship, not a stand-alone award. Students who have received a WaterRA Honours OR Masters Scholarship package OR has WaterRA Associate Student Membership are eligible to apply for the Michael R Moore Memorial Award
  • Open to Honours and Masters students only
  • Open to full time students only
  • Open to domestic and international students
Assessment criteria
  • Academic merit
  • Submission essay addressing ‘Why the student thinks their project is important to the water industry’
  • Submission examples demonstrating leadership the student has undertaken within the university, the water sector or the community

The late Professor Michael R Moore was a singularly energetic, genial and engaging individual. He had a passion for research and thoroughly enjoyed interacting and supporting young students develop professionally.

Michael was awarded a PhD in Medicine and a Doctorate in Science in the field of Biochemistry in Medicine and trained in Clinical and Chemical Pharmacology, in the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London.

Upon completion he moved to Scotland and worked at the University of Glasgow, as Reader in Medicine and Therapeutics before becoming Director of Monklands and Bellshill NHS Hospital Trust and Justice of the peace in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth.

Following this, Michael moved to Australia and held numerous esteemed positions including Director of the National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology (EnTox; Professor of Medicine, University of Queensland; Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, The University of the Sunshine Coast and Queensland University Technology. Michael also had a long association with the University of CapeTown in South Africa and was a visiting fellow in Argentina.

Throughout his career Michael remained committed to research, writing several books, contributing numerous other book chapters and over 550 refereed research publications. His fields of interest included the toxicology of metals, risk assessment, air quality, alcoholism, cyanobacteria and disorders of porphyrin metabolism. His expertise in these areas resulted in his involvement in a great number and variety of international and Australian expert panels, task forces, steering, advisory and other committees and was appointed Chair of the WaterRA Board from 2008 until 2014.

Professor Michael R Moore

More Information

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