Our Communities of Interest

Our Communities of Interest play a vital role in connecting our diverse membership of water professionals with one another and are a primary mechanism to enable and support research collaboration.

Designed for water professionals who share a common interest, passion or specialisation in particular areas or issues in the water industry. Our COIs provide a collaborative space for like-minded members to come together and exchange knowledge, share ideas, resources, experiences and challenges. Being part of a COI allows members to actively contribute to current research initiatives and also inform and develop future research projects related to the area of interest.

Our Communities

Our COI pages provide a central hub of information providing updates on current activities, new initiatives WaterRA is undertaking, upcoming opportunities of interest including events, RFFs, RFPs, EOIs plus links to videos, webinars, media, special announcements and updates national and global developments and knowledge being generated in relevant or related areas.

Click on the links to find out more about an individual Community of Interest.

The benefits of joining a WaterRA COI

WaterRA CoIs are supported communities. Our Research Managers work with COI members individually and as a group to understand the challenges and concerns around specific areas and topics at both high and detailed levels.

Working with COI members in this way allows us to identify shared or significant challenges and support the COI members to create accurately defined research projects and intergrated programs with clear objectives and outcomes. We do this through:

• Facilitated ideation sessions
• Facilitated project initiation discussions
• Facilitated Problem|Opportunity Definition workshops (PODs)
• Facilitated discussions on option evaluation and research project definition
• Ideation on knowledge transfer and adoption needs.

We then obtain the funding, source the experts in the field to deliver evidence-based outcomes and manage the project through to completion.

Even as projects commence, we continue to work with the COI members to keep them informed of updates, canvas for new and emerging challenges and share information on latest developments, nationally and globally, about the special topic of interest.

Have a significant or emerging challenge or need which you think others share? Contact one of our Research Managers and they can assist in creating a new COI and bring you together with like-minded peers.