Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of nine directors, committed to forging strong relationships and promoting interconnectivity across the sector. Each director brings a diverse range of skills, expertise and experience ensuring diversity of opinion and a strategic direction which is beneficial for our members.

Working closely with the executive team, our Board is responsible for:

Overall organisational performance: ensuring the development and implementation of strategies and supporting policies to enable WaterRA to fulfill the objectives set out in our constitution. The Board monitors and supports the CEO and management in an on-going way, aiding them to deliver day to day operations of the organisation, ensuring organisational performance is delivered for our members and shareholders.

Overall compliance/conformance: ensuring the organisation develops and implements systems, processes and procedures to enable it to comply with its legal, regulatory and industry obligations and ensure the organisation’s assets and operations are not exposed to undue risks through appropriate risk management.

Project and research funding is decided upon outside of the Board through our research tender and selection process.

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