• Project No 1090
  • Project Name Remote sensing recommendations to water industry for water quality monitoring
  • Lead Organisation Coliban Water
  • Research Lead University of Technology, Sydney
  • Main Researcher Kumbesan Sandrasegaran, Ram Subramanian
  • Completion Year 2017

Project Description

A survey of water utilities identified the top five challenges faced in daily operations, and technical, economic and literature reviews identified remote sensing strategies and technologies to address these five operational issues. The need for, and benefits of real-time monitoring which facilitates cost-effective and efficient responses to rapidly changing conditions, were common to all five challenges, which were: monitoring cyanobacteria and their metabolites, the effects of contamination and extreme climate-change driven events on water quality, the variation in climatological data over relatively small distances (need to increase focus, precision and produce ‘finer’ datasets for reservoir management), asset inspection and management and monitoring catchments for a variety of factors. This research evaluated and explained the solutions, strengths, weaknesses, and costs of products best suited for addressing each challenge.