• Project No 1015
  • Project Name Novel treatment methods for reduction of bromide and iodide in drinking water sources
  • Lead Organisation Water Corporation
  • Research Lead Curtin University
  • Main Researcher Cynthia Joll
  • Completion Year 2015

Project Description

Water is disinfected to remove harmful microbes and pathogens such as cholera and typhoid. The problem is that disinfection of certain types of waters, such as those containing naturally high levels of bromide or iodide, can cause the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs). Some DBPs have been linked to cancer although this association is relatively weak because many other factors have a much stronger influence on the development of cancer than drinking water. Nevertheless, the water industry aspires to minimise this risk and conducted this research to measure the levels of bromide, iodide and other substances in Australian source waters. A number of treatments with potential to remove bromide were examined, and it was found that chlorination reduced the risk posed by iodo-DPBs.